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Twice Shy is the new addition to a beautiful neighbourhood, right in the heart of Fitzroy North. Sister cafe to Mother Melbourne, our values lie in community and belonging which is why we chose this spot.


Twice Shy Coffee is an award-winning blend which complements our delicious and well curated menu. Using fresh produce every day to bring colourful and interesting meals, we aim to have a minimal impact on the environment whilst creating wonderful events for great causes. We want every customer to leave not only feeling satisfied in your tummy but to leave having had a fantastic experience.

Whether that experience is starting your day with a great espresso, or rekindling friendships over brunch and catch ups. From the meals that leave our kitchen, down to the very staff that serve with you a smile, the idea remains the same, to create an atmosphere of home and belonging.


Mother Melbourne is our sister cafe. Northcote's best kept secret.

The heart of this cafe is based on values of community and sharing.  These very values are expressed through our love of food, coffee and love itself. Our passion of food and drink isn't just about satisfying the basic need to eat and drink, but to create and experience.

Ours is a home that has seen many faces, and we hope one of those faces is yours. So please, make our home, your home. Come be a part of our family and community.

4 Separation Street, Northcote, Melbourne 3070

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